10 tutorials for leatherwork

  https://www.handmadekultur.de/projekte/leder A lot of nice tutorials for leather crafting Decorating your leather http://www.shop-020.de/shop2/index.php?user=Punzierarbeiten&weiteres=1 Razor-shell from leather http://blog.mittelalter-manufaktur.de/?p=2009 General information about working with leather http://www.altes-handwerk.ch/leder/arbeiten-mit-leder/ Good tutorial for leather bag http://livera.bplaced.net/simple-ledertasche-bilder-anleitung/ Som tricks about working with leather http://www.schneidern-naehen.de/leder-naehen We hope that you could find some helpful tips for crafting of leather in this article. If you have other instructions or Read More